Board Members

To contact the Colorado Association of School Nurses (CASN), please use their website contact form.

If you are a member of CASN, you may send an email to a member of the board.  Click on the member's name and then select SEND MESSAGE.

Executive Board

President 2021-2022: Linda Patterson

President Elect 2021-2022: Kathrine Hale 

Past President 2021-2022: Lindsay Albanese

NASN Director 2021-2025: Kelly Grenham

Secretary 2021-2023: Lydia Potter

Treasurer 2021-2022: Jessica Gabbert

Incoming Treasurer 2021-2022: Beverly Biela

Past Treasurer 2021-2022: Mary Schmitt

CDE State School Nurse Consultant: Sarah Blumenthal

General Board

Education Chair: Teresa Ross

Education Chair: Julie Parsons

Legislative Chair: Jessica Francois

Legislative Co-Chair: Haley Houtchens

Legislative Co-Chair: Laura Phillips

Membership Chair: Jennifer Poticha

Merchandising Chair: Tiffany Curtice

Website/ Social Media: TBD

Administrative Assistant: TBD