Strategic Plan

The CASN General Board met April 2013 to complete a SWOT analysis to ascertain our strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. The purpose was to collaborate how we, as the CASN Board will move forward to advance the practice of school nurses. Members present: Teresa Ross (President), Sarah Blumenthal (Past President), Kelly Grenham (President Elect), Liz Clark (NASN Director), Linda Botnick (Education Chair), Cathy Zirkelbach (Co-Treasurer), Kathy Reiner (Legislative Chair), Brenda Cappel (Historian), and Christy Haas Howard (Membership Chair).

The CASN Board agreed the focus would be in these areas: advocacy, education, finance, governance, membership and research.

CASN Strengths

Strong membership (288 at the time, 2016- 345), dedicated volunteer group who have effective relationships, organization has a passionate voice for school age children in Colorado, dedicated association with national school nurse organization, robust and profitable spring and fall educational program for school nurses, clear-cut state school nurse consultant and CASN collaboration and support to school nurse practice, paid lobbyist, and liability insurance for CASN Board.

CASN Weaknesses

Need leadership development to recruit new volunteers, we lack rural school nurse representation on Board and committees; need dedicated advertising for conferences and legislative updates, Do we need to revive our newsletter? Need to create and audit budget, lack of partnership with other nurse organizations- consider partnership with Colorado Nurses Association (CNA), Colorado School Based Health Center, and or Public Health Alliance. CAN association membership is $25 a month, should we be an advocating member? Consider paid CASN Executive Director to aid with continuity of our organization, strategic plan and lobbying. Need funding for this position: consider grants.


CASN has a paid lobbyist and strong legislative liaison. Need CASN legislative priorities so we are not working defensively only. We need to regain feeling of working on a grass root level.
Strengthen collaborative with lobbyist
Identify parent advocates for school nursing
Create committee to work on a message or model of school nursing that will strengthen the advocacy and collaboration of CASN, legislative chair, and CASN members by June 2014. Model is based on core values “Kids First.”
Increase engagement of CASN members toward grassroots advocacy with assistance of Lobbyist
Discuss with Miles Consulting regarding speaking at our annual CASN Conference

Governance and Administration

Each CASN full board member will create at least one written procedure, that will increase continuity of the Board positions by May 31st, 2013
Template for procedure:
(Examples: Board meeting, CASN banquet, School Nurse Proclamation, Tax preparation, etc)
Include timelines, contacts, communication process, budgets/funding, board approval needed. Required notifications (website, listserve, etc) and events which impacting specific procedure.
Procedures are adaptable and should be reviewed annually and revised as needed.


Increase the attendance at the Annual Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 School Nurse Conferences by 20%. Fall conference attendance will grow from 160 to 192 participants and spring conference attendance will grow from 70 to 84 participants.
Develop conference framework that meets the educational needs of Colorado school nurses


Goal: CASN will maintain financial solvency
Maintain financial integrity
Develop rules and procedures for payments/reimbursement of CASN financials by June 2013
Ensure that CASN staff is in compliance with finance standing rules and procedures.
Ensure transparent accounting practices
Develop annual budget for CASN Board approval by June 2013.
Review financial report at request of CASN President and a quarterly minimally
Oversee Bertie Eby Scholarship Fund and Myriam DeLeon Advocacy Fund

Membership and Engagement

Goal: average membership will increase to 310 over 12 months from July 2013 to June 2014, an increase of 5-10% from previous year


Engage area reps by encouraging them to sponsor/promote area gatherings and/or offer CASN materials/outreach at area meetings
Offer materials for each district to disseminate at district new nurse orientations
Marketing benefits of NASN & CASN membership during fall conference enrollment and during conference, ex. Sight for Students application form printed at conference or in the packets
Highlighted monthly health issue (i.e. vision health, asthma, etc.) & connect to benefit offered at NASN & advertise on List Serve
Send out new CEU offerings when announced by NASN on the listserve


Reminder e-mail to lapsed members
Follow-up with phone call
Area rep updated list sent out quarterly


Education and professional development, i.e. fall and spring conferences
Area reps hold “Time for You” for their area at Annual Conference
Offer door prize for National Conference registration and door prize for State Conference registration
Offer drafted “Letter to Principal” requesting them to cover cost of NASN/CASN membership
Create brochure for CASN based on the fact sheet

Follow up

Monthly meeting for co-treasurers and review Liz Clarks notes for procedures
All Board member’s review and follow up