School Nurse of the Year


To publicly recognize the importance and work of school nurses by annually honoring one School Nurse of the Year from Colorado who has demonstrated excellence in school nursing practice and leadership in school health.


Colorado Association of School Nurses


Nominee must be:

  • A registered professional nurse.
  • A member of CASN for the current and preceding two years. The preceding two years must be continuous (without lapse in membership).

Suggested Guidelines for Colorado School Nurse of the Year

  1. Nominee should have five years’ experience as a school nurse and is currently practicing as a school nurse.
  2. More than 50% of nominee’s time should be spent in direct care.
  3. Evidence of excellence in school nursing practice is judged by the nominee’s abilities in the areas of Leadership, Teamwork, Vision, Community Partnership and Innovation. Reference: School Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice 3rd Edition, 2017.

How to Submit an Application

All applications must be submitted on-line. No other mode of application will be accepted. Nominations may be submitted by another nurse, a principal, a director or a parent.

Recent School Nurse of the Year

Darla BrennemannSchool Nurse of the Year Darla Brennemann has been a school nurse for 14 years. She currently works for the Fort Morgan School district and provides direct care as well as supervision for health aides and secretaries. She is well known by other school nurses in the area to be the “go to” person for locating resources and connecting with other organizations.

Darla is a tireless advocate for children. She advocates for inclusion and independence for students with special health needs and/or disabilities. She continuously educates others on the role of the nurse in the school setting.

Darla truly enjoys all aspects of her work including sharing knowledge with nursing students from the local community college who need practicum hours in a school setting.

Darla is a respectful and caring person that goes out of her way to make a child and family feel comfortable when sending children with concerns to school.

Darla works continuously to learn and provide her schools with the latest rules, and regulations of school nursing and nursing procedures. Darla has taken on the challenge of creating curriculum that covers all the necessary training for the entire school district. She is committed to making sure employees are prepared in case of medical emergencies.

Two years ago, Darla was recognized within her district with the prestigious Crystal Apple Award. Darla is described as “the nurse that has soldiered through some previously rocky territory to make health services what it is in this district today.”

Outstanding School Nurse for Students in a Specialty Area

Linda WoodLinda Wood has worked as a school nurse for eight years. She currently works for Aurora Public Schools as a preschool nurse and childcare health consultant at Meadowood Child Development Center.

Linda is an expert at integrating her knowledge of complex health needs and dissecting out each detail for MCDC staff. She assists them in understanding complex medical diagnoses and procedures and integrating these into a comprehensive IHP, IEP, or 504.

She is a natural leader and serves as a district expert and resource for preschool rules, regulations and licensing as well as APS district policy and guidelines. Linda is a fierce advocate for children’s health and safety as evidenced by her involvement with her special services team and preschool administration.

Linda has presented at the Parent Coffees on topics of interest such as summer safety, insect bites, health eating, sugar education, portion control, etc. She heads the “Healthy Way to Grow” committee at Meadowood and updates the staff with a health-focused bulletin board and weekly emails on the topic of healthy eating.

Linda created a program called Sneezy Louisey for germ education. She took the time to visit each classroom with a self-created puppet to explain the importance of reducing the spread of germs in the classroom environment. During these presentations, she also sings and plays the guitar and has a great time teaching kids. The children are fully engaged and learn valuable skills to avoid spreading germs.

We also recognize Linda for being a member of the CASN Legislative Committee and an advocate for CASN.